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A, Hey

Another day

Posted on 2006.01.20 at 04:26
Current Mood: boredbored
Well i emailed my dad today. It has been a while because I told my parents not to write because i was pissed at how my wife was treating me. I was trying to be there for her when her dad died on christmas and everything was kosher. She was asking how I was doing then when I told her I was living with another woman she flips on me. She doesnt want to talk to me and hangs up if I try to see whats wrong with her. I think god hates me for some reason.

Well Got more pills and snorted them. Fuck my life is shit. I have a date Sunday with someone named Brandy. Hope that shit goes ok. I had a zit on my lip and popped it. Now is all red by my lip and is gonna scar.

Well just felt the need to update. Someone write me something it sucks being alone here in virginia.

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