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A, Hey

Desperation For Pussy

Posted on 2005.10.23 at 13:22
Yeah today is gay. There is nothing to do and its been about 6 months since Ive had any action. Not even a kiss. God help me please. I hate this sausage fest that I'm in. Only 3 more months left of this shit then I can go home to minnesota. Fuck it I havent heard from my wife for 5 months so I guess its over. Fuck her anyway. ill just leave her ass in north carolina and let her cheat on my ass. Hopefully the guy she might be with will fuck her over like she did me. Fuck it i got family in minnesota and a helava shitload of exgirlfriends I can come back to. But that thought of what the hell shes doing always is in my mind. Oh well fuck it. Lady's I need some pen pal type of shit here so write me so i can get over my wife.

yo moma got no arms and she shops at just-for-vests.

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