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A, Hey


Posted on 2005.10.20 at 18:18
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Current Music: The asshole next to me is listening to Him
Ok here is some other funny shit that happened to my friend. My friend G always used my computer to find girls and shit and started typing to this girl. They would talk for a few days and she wanted to meet up with him. G said for me and my friend Heiny to come in case she was ugly and shit. Well me being me I brought my video camera along. She said for G to meet her at burger king where she worked. Hehe that is just funny in it self. So we go to burger king and G starts looking for a light skinned girl, bout 5-5, brown hair and we spot one. Man this girl was fuckin hideous. She had warts and shit on her face and she was like 200 lbs. She had a picture of G so she came right up to him and greeted us. We said hello kinda lauging in our heads and she said for us to wait at one of the tables. As we were waiting we could see her all happy talkin to her friends and braggin cause shes got a good lookin man. We were sittin at the table and laughin tell G that we were going to leave him there with the girl by himself and he said you better fuckin not dude. I came up with the idea to tell her that you will give her a ride home after work......and then right when shes about to get in peel out on her. He said he'd do it. I hurried to Heiny's car to get the cam and he and I waited behind a dumpster. It was cold as shit out and it was taking forever. G pulled up to the door and waited......car idleing and everything. She finally came out and said her good byes to her friends and headed for the car.....I couldnt keep the camera still a was laughing my ass off to hard. Right when she was getting ready to grab the car door he peeled out and it was loud as shit. She looked so bumbed and turned away back towards her friends. Omfg it was the funniest shit ever.....well thats what the girl gets for lying saying she looked good and shit. Alright i'm done. Another story sutra!

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