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A, Hey

finially back home

Posted on 2003.01.01 at 20:32
Well I guess i should start out that i finially made it back to the United States. Actually ive been back for about a 10 days but i didnt have my computer set up. Well since ive been back ive had the pleasure in rolling a few times, got really drunk and done numerous other things i shouldnt have. And you know what i dont feel any better for it. My new years resolution is to stop drinking, smoking, taking drugs, more meditation, more excercising and basically anything that can help me attain nirvana. Ive been eating out everyday and i need to stop. The food in afghanistan was so horrible and to eat like normal food is da bomb and i dunno if i want to stop.

Most of my friends are gone in other countries so basically i just sit here in my room all day and read, sleep, computer, and order pizzas and watch tv. God maybe afghanistan wasnt so bad after all. So yeah lets see if i can try to keep all these goals i have....my biggest one is to stop smoking though. well anyways yeah happy new years everyone.


coment bitches eighteenforever at 2003-01-01 18:49 (UTC) (Link)
coment bitches archer_phoenix at 2003-01-02 11:11 (UTC) (Link)
You know what I miss you guys. I started hanging out with Alcatraz guys, but they will never be as cool as tent 228.
Marnie Raelene
coment bitches marniequa at 2003-01-02 11:56 (UTC) (Link)
Welcome Home! I hope this new year brings many good things your way!
coment bitches salo at 2003-01-03 05:44 (UTC) (Link)

Welcome home Vandal

Sup dude. Are you still on leave? What section did they stick you in. They didn't send me to work w/ SFC Lathrom. Yeah, instead I'm stuck at the bank working debt management. Fun shit. Oh and another good point, LT Jones works disbursing so I get to see him every day. Ready for the big stop loss? I don't think it's army wide, but I was told that as of Jan 10th, our battalion is stopping only PCS's. You can still ETS, or so I'm told. Quitting smoking huh. Damn, what's wrong w/ you. Let me know when you wanna start quitting so I can grow some horns, come over, and smoke around you. HA, good to know you're back. Adios White Chocolate.
The Vigilante
Sean Kraker
coment bitches voiceboxvandal at 2003-01-03 20:54 (UTC) (Link)


sup salo sup bethany and everyone else. You on leave salo or what. Did you finially get to bust a nut.......with out your hand yet hehehe. Oh how im gonna remember the days in our tent when everyone was sleeping and i was the only one awake. Or the annoying music big dumb animal would play. The tent was cool at first but just went downhill.......now im sure it sucks ass in 228. Yes salo im gonna quit smoking this time......im going good. i dont need the big horns....i just stay in my room where people cant smoke around me so its not that bad. but yeah anyway glad you got to see your family god knows you deserve it......sucks you work with lt jones though. anyway yeah peace out like a mo fo.
coment bitches kstone at 2003-07-17 20:09 (UTC) (Link)


i was reading back through my journal and got to my halloween post that you went off on me for at the beginning and noticed i hadnt heard from you since that post so i just decided that i would drop you a little note to say hello.
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